Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm not usually a fan of HDR - it typically looks fake and overdone, to me - but this example is superb! Love the processing and composition of this street scene from Old Nice. And as I'll be there later this fall, a real inspiration. Can't wait!

Your comments on this image are welcome, and encouraged! And a question for the photographer - Pierre Turtaut - if s/he is so inclined: Is there anything special about this moment, day, trip, or place beyond what you've shared on Flickr that you'd like to add or comment on here? Along with other vivaca visitors, I would love to know more!

Location: Vieux Nice, France ★
Photo courtesy of Pierre Turtaut


  1. First of all, thank you for blogging my work and glad you like it.
    What can I say more about it? Was shoot during a afternoon walk in Nice's old town trying to handle my new fisheye lens (Samyang 8mm)
    For the processing as you said, I try to keep my HDRs "soft".
    That's about it....if you have any question feel free to ask on flikr, I'll be happy to answer.
    thanks again ;)

    Pierre Turtaut

  2. Hello, Pierre! Thank you for leaving a comment on your lovely photograph from Nice. It is truly wonderful! Makes me want to purchase a fisheye lens and play around with HDR. In preparing for my photo trips I enjoy surfing Flickr and looking at other people's images of the destination I'm headed to. Sometimes exceptional shots are few and far between on Flickr, and so I was thrilled to stumble upon this one from you. Particularly because I'll be staying in Vieux Nice.



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