Thursday, June 9, 2011

I met this dapper gent on the first day of my trip in my favorite Ligurian fishing village, Camogli. Our conversation was entirely in Italian, so it was entirely a miracle that we seemed to be having a conversation at all. I didn't catch his name, but did learn that he is a transplant to Camogli from Abruzzo, after the war, which I gathered to be WWII. We marveled at the perfect weather that morning and he wondered how Camogli could be in any way superior to California. I assured him that in many more ways than one, it was. He didn't seem convinced. Perhaps if my command of Italian wasn't so limited I could have swayed him.

For the next little - or long - while, since I've been so badly neglecting this blog, I'm going to post a photo a day - I hope - from my recent trip to Liguria. This is good incentive for me to slowly go through my photos and share pieces of the experience publicly. I'd normally whip everything into an immediate post-trip blog post on Notes but life is so busy lately that I just can't make that happen. Plus, it'd be nice to share bits of my journey without the pressure to compose a more journalistic detailing of events. I'll save that for later when I truly have the time. And I don't necessarily want to make available or feel that these image are ready for purchase, so my Fotomotologue is also the wrong place to publish them at present. So in the meantime, I hope you enjoy a look at Liguria here, day by day (or as close to day by day as I can manage), as seen through my eyes this spring.

Location: Camogli, Italy ★

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