Thursday, February 9, 2012

I recently joined Pinterest and am finding the experience addictive. Have you tried it? It's so fun, and useful. And in an effort to streamline my life online, I'm going to experiment with posting pics for Vivaca via my pins. If it works well, I'll be happy and will have a better shot of keeping the content here on Vivaca fresh with greater frequency. Let me know how you do like or don't like it.

I'm also going to make this more of a photo-a-day blog and likely drop invitations to photogs to comment, as so few take advantage of the request. Less work for me, and you're still able to enjoy great images from around the world and leave your own comments or connect with the photographer directly via links to their work on Flickr.

Location: Paris, France | Photographer: Docinho | Source: Flickr, Docinho

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