Thursday, June 24, 2010

From yesterday's celestial sunset in Santorini, we bid another dreamy day adieu from the Philippines. As sunset scenics go, this one is clearly exceptional. It seems that all the elements - sea, sky, silhouettes - have come together in a surreal harmony of the senses. The only thing more dramatically delicious than admiring this riveting view would be to have been there to experience it, firsthand.

Bravo on a sunset well-snapped!

Your comments on this image are welcome, and encouraged! And a question for the photographer - Kristeena - if s/he is so inclined: Is there anything special about this moment, day, trip, or place beyond what you've shared on Flickr that you'd like to add or comment on here? Along with other vivaca visitors, I would love to know more!

Location: Lubang Island, Mindoro (Philippines) ★
Photo courtesy of Kristeena

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