Monday, January 31, 2011

Thank goodness that portions of Tutankhamun's treasured tomb artifacts are traveling now on exhibition to other museums around the world, and not at home in Egypt. Given the chaos there and the fact that - as happened in Iraq - museums are being vandalized or looted (albeit at the hands of government-sponsored thugs - ugh), it seems a blessing that these spectacular and priceless pieces of Egypt's history are safely abroad. For the moment.

Your comments on this image are welcome, and encouraged! And a question for the photographer - debbieaspin - photo - if s/he is so inclined: Is there anything special about this moment, day, trip, or place beyond what you've shared on Flickr that you'd like to add or comment on here? Along with other vivaca visitors, I would love to know more!

Location: Manchester, England ★
Photo courtesy of debbieaspin

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