Sunday, October 26, 2008

I don't have a proper tilt-shift lens, so the tilt-shifts in my personal portfolio (to date) are all post-production fakes. But no less fun! Whether real or Photoshopped after the fact, looking at the world in miniature through a tilted, shifty lens is always an eye-opening perspective. Warped can be wonderful, eh?

Your comments on this image are welcome, and encouraged! And a question for the photographer - kcherif - if s/he is so inclined: Is there anything special about this moment, day, trip, or place beyond what you've shared on Flickr that you'd like to add or comment on here? Along with other vivaca visitors, I would love to know more!

Location: Hong Kong, China ★
Photo courtesy of kcherif


  1. Hi there. Thanks for choosing my photo for your blog.

    I chose this photo for different reasons. For one I was traveling for 4 weeks through China. I started in Beijing and traveled inland through little towns towards Hong Kong. I was a bit overwhelmed being in such a huge city, after being in small towns for weeks. Hong Kong is complete madness! The roads, the traffic and the buildings.

    I went up Victoria Peak to escape. And from there I imagined that it was a very detailed miniature city.

    After you contacted me, I looked at the picture again. The only thing that I was thinking was: We are a crazy species!

  2. Indeed, we are a crazy species!! Awesome photo, again. Nice work.



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