Monday, August 11, 2008

Special double (triple, actually) post today in honor of The Olympic Games in Beijing. Amazing so far, right? I cannot get over how astoundingly, to use the word that Mary Poppins no doubt would - supercalifragalisticexpialidocious - the Opening Ceremonies on the night of 08-08-08 were. Breathtaking. Outstanding. Jaw-dropping. Fantastic. Unparalleled. As a former competitive swimmer, I've had a great time thus far watching all of the swimming. Seeing Michael Phelps smash his own 400 meter individual medley world record on Saturday was crazy. But crazier was the American men's relay win in the 4 x 100 last night over the French. Best relay race in swimming history. No contest. Memorable and all around magnifique! My only complaint thus far is the over saturation of George W. Bush in the American broadcast. Seems like he's omnipresent and in attendance at each and every event. I think this is the most Bush I've subjected myself to in his entire two terms as president. It's making me physically ill.

Your comments on this image are welcome, and encouraged! And a question for the photographer - nchim - if s/he is so inclined: Is there anything special about this moment, day, trip, or place beyond what you've shared on Flickr that you'd like to add or comment on here? Along with other vivaca visitors, I would love to know more!

Location: Beijing, China ★
Photo courtesy of nchim

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